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What We Will Do For You

As an apprentice, you'll earn while you learn - a minimum of £95 a week while you complete your training.

And once you do, you'll be a skilled and talented individual - an asset to any employer.

  • No formal entry requirements - but some programmes will require a level of expertise in English and/or maths.

  • No set time limit - Apprenticeship lengths vary with your age and experience, although most are completed within 12 months.

  • Employment from day one - we have a team dedicated to finding employment for every apprentice.

  • Full guidance and support - our skilled Work-Based Learning team will be with you every step of the way

East Durham College apprentices have an excellent record of completing a full Apprenticeship or Advanced Apprenticeship and the achievement rate continues to improve. 

For more details call the Work-Based Learning team on 0191 518 5508.

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