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The Truth About Apprenticeships

There are many misunderstandings surrounding Apprenticeships. But the truth is that a young apprentice can bring a lot of ambition, enthusiasm and eagerness to your business. In return you can develop them in line with your methods of working and ensure they have the skills needed to help your business grow.

Myth 1: 16 to 18 year olds are not allowed on site.

Fact: There is nothing in employment law that declares this, and the HSE do not state that this is the case.


Myth 2: My insurance company won’t let me have an apprentice/my insurance will be more expensive.

Fact: Most insurance companies will cover apprentices at no extra cost to your current policy. (Please check with your insurance company).


Myth 3: An Apprenticeship is for 3 years.

Fact: An Apprenticeship is for 2 years with a further year for those progressing on to an Advanced Apprenticeship (this is optional and not suitable for all).

Alternatively we have a Programme Led Apprenticeship (PLA) which runs up to a 12-month period.


Myth 4: If I take on an apprentice it will cost me a fortune in levy.

Fact: If your PAYE is below £80,000 you will not be liable for any levy.


Myth 5: Apprentices mean a ton of paperwork.

Fact: The Technical Academy staff will complete all the paperwork, undertake H&S inspections, review the apprentice in the workplace and training centre and provide feedback to you.


Myth 6: Youngsters don’t want to work.

Fact: Our records and information show that 16 to 18 year olds have a better achievement rate than over-19s due to them still being in the learning and training mindset. Their IT skills are often of a high level.




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